Documentary Participants

Terry Gilliam

Terry Gilliam

Filmmaker Terry Gilliam.

Gary Interviews Hef at The Mansion

Producer/Director, Gary VandenBergh sits down with Playboy legend, Hugh Hefner to talk about Will Elder.

The Crew Shooting at The Playboy Mansion

Playboy Publicist Teri Thomerson, Video Manager John Cailotto, Producer Nancy Elder VandenBergh and Camera/Lighting man, Jesse Elder VandenBergh look on as Hef talks about Will.

Art Spiegelman

The Pulitzer Prize winning author of MAUS relates how important Will and MAD comics were to the underground comix movement of the late 60s.

Joe Dante

The Gremlins director makes a point about Mickey Rodent.

Jerry Garcia with long-time idol, Will Elder

In one of his last interviews, The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia tells how Will and the early MAD guys and the EC comics fan addicts club became the inspiration for the Dead Heads fan club.

Arnold Roth, Gary Groth & Al Jaffee

Arnold Roth, renowned cartoonist, Gary Groth, editor-in-chief of The Comics Journal and a co-founder of Fantagraphics Books and Al Jaffee, creator of the infamous MAD magazine "Fold-in" at the HUMBUG book launch at The Strand Book Store in New York.

Al Jaffee, Jesse Elder VandenBergh & Arnold Roth

Al Jaffee with Jesse and Arnold Roth at the HUMBUG book launch.

William Gaines

The late MAD magazine publisher called Will “The funniest artist MAD ever had”.

Harvey Kurtzman

Founding Editor of MAD magazine and longtime partner of Will talks about Will’s contributions.

Irving Eisenberg

Will’s older brother talks about young Meshuggina Willie and the pranks Will used to pull on the family.

Daniel Clowes

Art School Confidential, Ghost World screenwriter tells about the inspiration of Will’s work on his career.

Nick Meglin

Author, Professor and Former Editor of MAD magazine talks about the first time he met Will and how Elder became the foundation for MAD’s sense of humor.

Al Jaffee

Creator of the infamous MAD Fold-In and childhood friend of Will’s relates many Crazy Willie stories and the contribution that Will made to pop-culture.

Bill Griffith

Underground cartoonist and creator of "Zippy The Pinhead" relates the impact MAD had on our culture.

Andy Kindler

NY Comedian and Actor, Andy Kindler talks about how MAD set the tone for comedy today.

David Hajdu

Author, Music Critic, and Professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism gives his perspective on the impact Elder and MAD had on our culture.

Drew Friedman

Award winning Illustrator tells about one of his top inspirations.

William Stout with The Mole

The Award-winning artist sits down with "The Mole" and tells about his experience working with Will on Little Annie Fanny.

David Wachtenheim

Animator for Saturday Night Live’s TV Funhouse tells about his life-long affection for Chicken Fat.

Gary Groth

Comic Editor, Critic and Publisher of The Comics Journal and Fantagraphics Books, Inc. talks about Will’s unique style and ability as a chameleon of art.

Lara Elder VandenBergh

Our Project photographer captures a moment on a Chicken Fat shoot.

Will Elder

The creator of Chicken Fat and subject of this documentary!