Willie's Mom

Detail from Dragged Net parody, MAD comic #3, 1953.

Alfred E. Neuman

 The first painting of Alfred done for MAD was done by Will Elder. 

MAD Cover #5

 Re-painted in Oil for an auction that never occurred at Sotheby’s, © 1988. 

The Mole

Original watercolor of Will’s iconic MOLE, done for a fan in 1972.

MAD Cover #22

"Bane" Advertisement

Watercolor Ad parody by Will for MAD Magazine isuue #25.

Beer Belongs - Enjoy It!

Will illustrated and Harvey Kurtzman wrote this well-known ad parody of Beer ads of the 50s.

The Mad Playboy of Art

Cover art for Will’s coffee table art book published by Fantagraphics Books, inc.

Robert Frost Portrait

Oil on canvas, 1967

Self Portrait in Oil

Oil on Canvas, 1993.

A Night at the Castle

 Humbug #2 - September, 1957

Harvey Kurtzman & Will Elder Drawing

Pen & Ink, 1984


Watercolor, 1984

Goodman Meets S*PERM*N

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.

Little Annie Fanny

St. Tropez May, 1975 © Playboy

Richard Nixon

Watercolor 1973

Rockwill Elder

Cover, Trump #3 – not published.